The restaurant experience begins online – so make sure it's a good one.

19.5 million web users in Australia

That’s a big pie. Are you getting the biggest piece possible? ClickFork has a range of solutions built in that will help you talk to your customers. They include automated marketing and device optimisation.

76% of people read reviews online

This means your customers probably look for reviews about you before making a booking. ClickFork helps you control the conversation with a better, more optimised web presence.

Be found, everywhere

Most websites aren’t optimised for smartphones and iPads. This means that some of your potential customers aren’t able to find you. Enter ClickFork: a web solution that adapts to every device (and we mean all of them!).

10 seconds on a website

This is the average time someone spends on a site. This means that you need to have an awesome experience. Otherwise they’ll hit the ‘back’ button.

Petr Tichy Co-founder and Managing Director

Petr Tichy is a leading web developer. Before starting ClickFork, he ran the production team at one of Australia’s largest digital agencies where he built websites for Bunnings, Myer and a swag of other household names.

Petr identified a need within the hospitality industry – a need for better, more versatile websites. He has spent many years working in restaurants, which positions him perfectly to help revolutionise the way restaurants think about their online presence.

So ClickFork is close to Petr’s heart. His goal is to help businesses grow, and give their customers a more enjoyable experience online.

Jason Mitsios Co-founder and Designer

You know why Jason is the best? Because he’s led design on humungous global clients – Qantas, Honda and countless more. But he also has a love affair with pixels (don’t tell his girlfriend). Just last week, he eloped with a #7D26CD pixel to Paris where they danced on the Champs-Élysées.

Jason wields his mouse like Monet wielded a brush. Everything is precise. Everything is innovative. And everything is beautiful. Your business is in the best hands.


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