Our themes are beautiful, simple,
and designed for restaurants.

Clear buttons mean better business

Whether it’s to book, see the menu or just get in touch, clear buttons help users do what’s important. It also means you will enjoy more bookings.

The design is 100% yours

We set up the designs, you do the rest. All the branding, colours, text and menus are in your hands. After all, no one knows your business better than you.

Menus designed for your customers

Making sure menus are readable is really important (like, really). Making sure they are readable on smart phones is even more important. Fortunately, we’ve done both!

A map to a better experience

The next stop for your customers is finding your front door. That’s why we’ve made your contact details and an in-built map easily seen across the entire site. Great, huh?

Easily share good reviews

Got some good reviews? Well, it’s time to show them off. With our Taverna design, you’ll be able to tell your customers about all the nice things people have said about you.

Would you like daily specials with that?

This is an optional side. You’ll be able to clearly advertise daily specials as they come and go. Five specials today? Easy. No specials tomorrow? Not a problem.